Sketching and still life drawing

This course teaches students how to draw and sketch, covering: perspective, shapes and shadows, pencil, pen and ink drawing, use of charcoal, coloured pencils and pastels. Students are free to explore different drawing mediums and techniques and what each can do. Sketchbook exercises involve–give your drawing skills a good workout.

Our Instructor:


Sandrine Llouquet

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Wednesday: 3:00 – 5:00 pm

(*) Flexible options for class timing: 1 hour or 2 hours

Lesson Fee

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(*) Minimum 4 Participants.


The line: Exploring the possibilities of the line – Studying depth, hatching, volume and shadows.

Charcoal – How to use this material whilst continuing studying shadows as well as prehistoric cave paintings

Ancient Egyptian Art Works and Hieroglyphs – Representational imaginary scenes in pencil

Ancient Greek Antique Sculptures – Sketching sculptures in pencil

Drawing Still Life with Fruits and Vegetables – Studying paintings by Guiseppe Arcimboldo followed by Still Life drawing

Portraits and Proportions – Learning how to draw the proportions of a face

Animals – Studying and drawing from paintings of animals

China Ink – Learn how to work in China Ink by drawing bamboo branches, learn how to write your name in calligraphic style. Study traditional Chinese paintings and create an art work inspired by them.

Figurative Drawing – Learn proportions of the human body creating a character. Sketching hands and feet

Figurative Drawing in a Diverse Range of Positions – pencil drawings of figure in a variety of positions

Pop Art: Andy Warhol – Study art works by Andy Warhol creating a still life made of food packages.

Portrait – Reference back to portrait proportions focusing on details and expressions.

Perspective drawing Learn how to make use of the basic perspective rules working in geometric shapes

Modern Art Focusing on paintings; recreating a famous painting into your own drawing

Drawing Drapes and Material Learn how to recreate the form and depth of a draped piece of material

Technical drawing – Studying drawings of machines or architecture and recreate your own


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